17. Take Pride In Your Appearance

Dress for the position you wish you had, not the job you have now. When you dress well, it tells others you have your act together. You exude confidence. People pick up on this. In return, they give you respect. Trust goes hand in hand with respect.

When you dress a step above those around you, you’ll notice people often mistake you for being in charge, even if you aren’t. Sharp-dressed people often receive preferential treatment. When waiting in line, others may offer to let you cut in front. While awaiting assistance, sharp-dressed folks often receive improved service if they are made to wait. When you take pride in your appearance, others feel as if you deserve respect.

Exude Confidence And Control

Dress like the successful person you plan to become. Start dressing and acting like the person you wish to be. Take conscious action to find your style and create the image you want to project. The way you dress and carry yourself broadcasts your personal brand.

Keep Your Outfit Clean

It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a plumber, a carpenter, a soldier, a personal trainer, or a dog walker. A clean, freshly pressed outfit portrays dignity and indicates you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t always require extra time or effort on your part. I always hated doing laundry, and as my businesses grew, it became difficult to have the time to do it myself. I started having a laundry service do it weekly. Now I save valuable time, and I can focus on things that make money and things I enjoy.

Get In Shape

We respect people who look like they take care of themselves. When you’re lean, toned and in shape, that’s a sign that you’re willing to invest time and energy into creating the desired results. We don’t like to admit it, but athletic individuals often receive preferential treatment over those who are overweight. Besides improving your physical appearance, eating healthy and getting in shape can have a myriad of other positive effects on your health and energy.

Walk Like You’ve Got Somewhere To Be

Picture if you will, two men walking separately through a mall. The first is strolling, casually gazing. The other is walking briskly in a straight line with his chest out. Who would you presume is headed to meet with mall management about opening a new retail location? Carry yourself with your head held high, focusing on the goal at hand. Move at a brisk pace, like you’ve got somewhere to go. Walk with authority, and you will be treated with respect.

Get A Haircut

Does your haircut reflect your desired position? A trendy hairstyle or ostentatious facial hair may not always convey the message you wish to portray. Talk to your barber or stylist to find a look that both fits your personality and commands respect.

Stay Humble

You’ll notice that taking pride in your appearance commands attention. People treat you differently when you look like someone who deserves respect. Be polite. Stay humble. Remember, when someone offers special treatment or asks if you want to cut in line, your time is no more valuable than theirs. Don’t take advantage of someone because they show you respect. This is an area anyone can enhance. Take a few of these steps to improve your appearance and see the difference in how society receives you.