“Curtis, because of your lifelong physical challenges, I’ve watched you work harder than any human being I know, just trying to be”normal”, let alone the best contender. I am so proud to see how far you have come and am truly joyful at seeing how far above “average” you have achieved in your life! I may be your mother – but you are my hero.” – Connie Wyatt

“Curtis McCoy combines inspiration with down to earth leadership skills to achieve solid results. A must read for anyone looking to better any area of their lives!” – Elizabeth Hamada

“I worked with Curtis for a brief time when he opened his first retail phone store. I learned how to be a proper salesman, professional, and other personable skills from him. He exposed me to app development, computer repairs, and provided me opportunity for the future. It was truly a blessing to be one of his employees!” – Dylan Tomei

“After knowing Curtis for well over a decade, I’ve come to realize he is a very special young man. He continues to strive forward with new and groundbreaking vision. I look forward to the continued ideas that he will come up with that is far ahead of the pack. I am very proud that he has accomplished great things after battling brain cancer and diabetes. I am also proud to call him my son.” – Steve Wyatt

“I have watched Curtis over come the problems in his life time and again, both with his health and his struggle to build something that will help others and himself. He uses adversity to learn and to grow stronger. His unfailing belief in God helps him overcome the difficulties. I’m proud to call him my grandson.” – Flora Bixler

“There are few people that fight for their beliefs with total honesty no matter what life throws at them. Curtis McCoy not only lives by a code of sound principles, he has proven it over and over again with tenacious work ethics and goal orientation. I truly believe in him.” – Linda L. Koile

“I came to know Curtis many years ago, when I took a chance on his new business and signed up for cell service. I have never been disappointed. Curtis really understands how to build a business from the ground up and he knows the secret to getting and keeping customers. Best Cellular has the finest customer service of any business this side of the Rockies and Curtis has ensured that his employees all reflect his business acumen. I am a very loyal customer because Curtis has found the secret.” – Jeannie Hinyard

“Curtis has used his real life successes and failures to put together this amazing motivational resource. This book was thoughtfully drafted to lead, inspire and encourage others through Curtis’s experience and perseverance in life. You are a true success story Curtis McCoy and inspiration to all. Thank you for taking the time to share this invaluable work!” – Jessie Duran

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