Dr. Jesse O. Bolinger Podcast Interview

Dr. Jesse O. Bolinger on the Success, Motivation & Inspiration podcast

Dr. Jesse O. Bolinger was born with Hydrocephalus, resulting in legal blindness. The prognosis was esentially that he would never walk, talk or be educated.

Instead, Dr. Bolinger’s parents did everything to ensure that he could do anything he wanted. Jesse went on to earn a BA, MS, and Ph.D. His new book is titled, “Calling all volunteers: New ideas for recruiting and managing” has just been released, and another book is on the way. Dr. Bolinger enjoys finding a problem and solving it and using his “disability” as a tool to change lives.

Below are some insights from Dr. Jesse O. Bolinger. Enjoy!

What is your personal definition of success?

I define success as the achievement of one’s own life goals including, but not limited to attainment of education, work, and positive mental health.

Can you share the steps you take daily to improve?

1. Get up early.
2. Review my daily schedule and needs of others for the day.
3. Get updates on the new.
4. Read articles and books that provide me with new knowledge.

What is your advice for someone making an important decision?

When making an important decision, it is vital to have all the information possible regarding the decision and/or similar decisions. It is vital to consult with others who have made similar decisions so you understand the potential outcomes. I strongly recommend visiting with people who may be against the decision you want to make. By listening to their ideas and arguments you will be able to find parts of the issue that you may have otherwise missed.

Tell me about a specific moment that set you on the path you’re on now?

When I was young, I believe around six months old, the Area Education Agency came to visit my home to introduce themselves and begin working with me in terms of speech and other various developmental skills. The area education agency is a system in Iowa that provides educational services to schools and through in-home early intervention services. This early intervention set me on the course for a positive relationship with the AEA and created positive relationships throughout my educational journey.

If you could recommend one book for our audience, what would it be?

“Habits & Attitudes” by Lance Casazza

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Which character traits do you value most?

Kindness, integrity, loyalty, communication, open-mindedness.

How do you push through tough times?

I utilize the tough times to learn and make myself stronger. I let the hardest times be the biggest teacher and look for the silver lining in the most difficult situation.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by service to others and the betterment of my community.

How do you manage and prioritize opportunities?

I prioritize based on deadlines but also based on my ideas for the project. I do not believe in multi-tasking and only work on one thing at a time. Know that i work best this way helps me schedule my work. I also prioritize by utilizing a calendar. I do not make “to do” lists, instead, I schedule everything I need to do on a calendar as if it was an appointment.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Keep moving, do everything you want to do and do not let anyone sidetrack you. Keep your goals posted in multiple places so you do not get sidetracked. Do not do anything that feels like it may be wrong.



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