How To Get Your Dream Car

How To Get Your Dream Car

Are you into classics? Sports cars? The new Tesla? Maybe you want an off-road rig to haul 4-wheelers and dirt bikes? Maybe a PREVOST Motor Coach and traveling the country in luxury is more your style? What would you drive if money were of no concern? Comment below! If you don’t have at least one “dream car” yet, make some time in the next few days to find one. Visit automotive websites, watch YouTube videos. Talk to a friend who’s a vehicle fanatic. Find at least one vehicle that makes you drool. In this video, we’ll call it the “car of your dreams”.

Take It For A Spin

Once you’ve found a vehicle that makes your heart pound, take these steps to make sure you can wake up to it sitting in your driveway one day in the future. (Let’s say that’s a Maserati Ghibli for this example).

  1. Call a dealership near you that has the car of your dreams.
  2. Ask if you can schedule an appointment to view their Maserati selection.
  3. Dress sharp!
  4. Even if you pull up a car with the doors falling off, make sure your car is clean and polished.
  5. When you speak with the salesperson, be honest. Let them know you’re not currently in a position to make a purchase, but you would love their help deciding which car is right for you when you’re able to in the future.

If they know you’re goal setting and not acting like a bigshot, folks are often more than happy to help you dream-build. They know you’ll remember that salesperson when you’re ready to make a purchase! Here’s the hard part: A good salesperson will let you know that they can get you “qualified” to finance the car of your dreams. The truth is: you aren’t actually qualified to be driving a luxury vehicle until you are able to pay for it outright, no payments or “I Owe You’s”.

It’s One Thing To Dream, But Making A Plan For Success Is Something Completely Different

In about 2004, I was absolutely broke. I had lost everything due to a medical bankruptcy but I was working my butt off and making plans to be successful. Each week, I visited different car dealerships (after hours) so I wasn’t embarrassed being broke and looking at fancy cars. To be honest, I was afraid a salesman would laugh me out of the dealership. One night, while browsing a car lot with my flashlight, I decided I needed to have the courage to share my dream. I wouldn’t be broke forever. I was going to make something of myself! Later that week, I pulled up to a Cadillac dealership in my dented $300 junk car that the muffler had fallen off of. It made a lot of noise and smoked (as many $300 cars do.) My car was washed and waxed and I wore a button-up shirt and a suit jacket that I had purchased from a local thrift store. I brought a disposable 35mm camera and told the salesman that I wasn’t in a position to purchase a vehicle yet. I asked him if it would be too much trouble for him to allow me to take some pictures of cars to set goals for the future. The salesman appreciated my honesty. I don’t know why, but he ended up letting me test drive a convertible Cadillac XLR that had a price tag of almost $100,000.00

Do You Believe In The Law Of Attraction?

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Another week, I test-drove a beautiful Aspen Green, Jaguar S-Type with cream leather interior that I promised myself I’d own one day… I didn’t ever end up buying that pretty green Jaguar, but I DO have a beautiful blue one as my daily driver now! SET BIG GOALS. Go visit those goals before you can actually afford them! What is your dream car? Comment below! I’d love to help you learn how to make it your own! Don’t forget to like this page and please share it to inspire someone!

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