Nick Colo Podcast Interview

Nick Colomatin on the Success, Motivation & Inspiration podcast

Nick Colo was born in Russia, lived most of his life in Holland, and he’s doing the interview with us today from Belgium! Nick has a great purpose statement! He says, “I help people reach their full potential and create a future they love.” He’s the creator of Brainiosity.com – Brainiosity is a community for self-educators who use their knowledge to help others in their learning journey.

Below are some insights from Nick Colomatin. Enjoy!

What is your personal definition of success?

My definition of success is coming to a level of doing what you love on a daily basis and making a living from it. Instead of working for a job you don’t love to just make ends meet.

Can you share the steps you take daily to improve?

I make sure I work on the most important things that move me forward every single day. I make sure that the action that moves me forward the most will get done every day, no matter what.

What is your advice for someone making an important decision?

Go with the choice that feels right in the future, don’t go for only short-term happiness.

Tell me about a specific moment that set you on the path you’re on now?

When my best friend at the time said to me: ”I wake up every day at 5AM to grind”. It gave me the belief of that I’m in control of my life and I can decide what I do with my time.

If you could recommend one book for our audience, what would it be?

High-performance habits

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Which character traits do you value most?

Action taking, honesty, realness, kindness, openness.

How do you push through tough times?

Reminding myself why I do this and the things that I’ve already overcome.

What inspires you?

The people that have made it from nowhere, just with the belief they could do it and the hard work they’ve put in.

How do you manage and prioritize opportunities?

I think of what opportunities I feel are closest to my heart. I make sure that I decide something I won’t regret in the future.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Stop wasting your precious time on stupid things and bad people, spend all that time working on yourself and making a powerful inner circle.

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