I’ve always enjoyed motivational talks, pumped up workout music, and inspirational books. Each day, I commit to doing something to improve.

In 2015 I launched “Success, Motivation & Inspiration” as a blog to motivate and inspire others to achieve more in their lives. Around the same time, I began connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned experts. I was looking for others who wanted to increase their business and expand their market presence. I used the blog to jot down thoughts when I discovered something that inspired me.

As my social media groups gained thousands of members globally, I started receiving calls and messages from people whose lives had improved because of the principles I shared. Others reached out for guidance or advice on how to become successful.

I started spending time with successful people who were achieving improvement in their own lives. Many of these new friends had created lifestyles that allowed them to do things that others could only imagine. The more time I spent around successful friends, the more ideas and opportunities started falling into my lap. Even though I wasn’t concentrating on writing or social media, interest continued to grow.

Why Did I Start Writing This Book?

One night I received a call from someone who was contemplating suicide. Desperate for hope, this individual told me they didn’t know why, but they joined the Success, Motivation & Inspiration Facebook group while trying to decide if they should end their life or not. Thankfully, I got a chance to talk with them before they made a terrible decision. We talked about how they felt as if they had no chance of being anything but a failure.

That’s when I began to realize this project deserved additional attention. When I launched the website a couple of years earlier, it was just a hobby. I just wanted to help prospective entrepreneurs in my free time. After this call, I decided to include real-life stories and interviews with people who chose to improve their lives. I’ve interviewed professional athletes, preachers, wealthy investors, inventors, expert negotiators, and even ex-convicts turned entrepreneurs.

In the following chapters, I mix these interviews with life lessons that apply to business, relationships, and all aspects of being truly successful. I hope this book will help you achieve your ambitions, motivate you never to give up, and inspire you to pursue greatness.