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Learn how to be successful! Create a life that’s not only financially prosperous but also balanced and enjoyable.

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By the time I was 27 years old, I owned a number of companies in various industries including medical, fashion, manufacturing, distribution, and pharmaceuticals. I had become successful at a young age and life was great!

Everything changed when I started having daily grand mal seizures. In 2010, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Oncologists gave me only 60-90 days to live. I lost absolutely everything as I became unable to drive, live alone, or remember small details such as if I’d eaten, or taken an insulin shot. Everything I had researched, the businesses I had built, and even my memory were gone.

My family took me to Tijuana, Mexico to pursue alternative treatments. Uncertain of whether I’d survive or not, I was inspired to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

I began contacting leaders I admired and asking questions. HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL: Think Like A Leader is a compilation of true stories & conversations that will help you in your journey to success.

“Getting rich is hard, but being poor was worse. Choose your struggle wisely!” – M. Curtis McCoy

I’ve always enjoyed motivational talks, pumped up workout music, and inspirational books. Each day, I commit to doing something that inspires me to reach for more.

In 2015 I launched Success, Motivation & Inspiration as a blog to motivate and inspire others to achieve more in their lives as well. Around the same time, I began connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned experts. I was looking for others who wanted to increase their business and expand their market presence. It was nice to be able to jot down thoughts in the blog when I discovered something that inspired me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the guy that people approach with ideas. I enjoy working with seasoned entrepreneurs, new business owners, and startups as they share their vision. As the social media groups gained thousands of members globally, I started receiving calls and messages from people whose lives had improved because of the principles I shared. Others reached out for guidance or advice on how to become successful. I also received messages from athletes who were inspired to train harder, stick to their diet plans, and pursue their goals with greater intensity.

During this time, my company began to explode with increased online sales. I started spending time with extremely successful people who were achieving growth in their own lives. Many of these new friends had created lifestyles that allowed them to do things that others could only imagine. The more time I spent around these successful friends, the more ideas and opportunities started falling into my lap. Even though I wasn’t concentrating on writing or social media, interest continued to grow.

Learn how HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL & Think Like A Leader. I hope you love this book!

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