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Yash Gajjar on the Success, Motivation & Inspiration podcast

Yash Gajjar is the youngest guest I’ve had on the show so far! Yash is a 14-year-old international speaker, author, and mentor. He started speaking since 5 and has spoken in front of crowds of hundreds and thousands. He started his first online business that reached over 16k in 5 months all organically when he was 12.

He has also published a book called “Success Secrets for Teens by Yash Gajjar” which is a number one bestselling book. He has now been motivating teenagers across the world with personality development programs to help teens not only change their mindset but live the best quality of life. For the past 3 years, he’s helped thousands of teens build a positive mindset, get rid of stress and anxiety and live a life that is full of happiness.

Yash helps parents improve their relationships with their kids and believes that as soon as your teen gets a mindset shift, their life will change. He goes internationally speaking at schools, colleges, and corporate events helping to inspire and motivate their audiences.

Yash has been able to help train many teenagers through his programs and events and he shares that all his success in life is a result of him changing his mindset.

Below are some insights from Yash Gajjar. Enjoy!

What is your personal definition of success?

My personal definition of success is doing what I love. Success to me is not money, a car, or anything like that. To me, success is following my passion because success equals happiness and I’m only happy if I follow my passion and when you are driven behind your passion and you’re doing what you love, the money comes naturally.

Most people have adopted the world’s definition of success. All because some people’s definition of success is having a nice car, a mansion, or having fancy parties does not mean that’s your definition of success.

Imagine a life where you wake up every morning pursuing your passion and doing something that only makes you feel fulfilled but helps make a positive impact on the world. That’s what success is.

Can you share the steps you take daily to improve?

For me, it’s as simple as planning my day and at the end of my day reflecting. Reflecting on the situation I faced and asking myself one question, Did I make progress? Did I make progress in my relationships, my career, my social life, my emotional life, my health, as long as I’ve made a little progress in every aspect I’m improving?

Most of you want to improve in your life but what ends up happening is you only focus on improving in one aspect of your life. Many people go crazy and only focus on their careers. They end up improving and making a lot of money but then when they look back they realize how everything else sucks now. They hadn’t improved on here relationships, they hadn’t improved on there healthy, and they hadn’t improved on their emotional feelings. All that does is make you confused and even though you improved like crazy on one aspect you absolutely failed in the other aspects of your life.

The 1 step I take to improving every day on a daily is making progress in every aspect of my life and not going crazy after only 1 part of my life. As you start to make more and more progress and improve daily in every part of your life you will end up being balanced. I would rather have 3 jacks with me then 1 king.

What is your advice for someone making an important decision?

My advice is not to focus on what other people say but trusting your gut. Stop caring about other people’s opinions on social media and random friends and focus on the people who actually matter but most of all focusing on you. In your life, you always know what the right decisions are. That’s just a fact.

There has been researching done where people have found that our mind knows what decisions to make but our emotions sometimes don’t let us. In life there always decisions that are hard but you always have to trust your gut.

The most important thing to know is that not every decision you make is going to be right but you will learn from every decision.

Tell me about a specific moment that set you on the path you’re on now?

Since I was young, thanks to my mom she put me up on stages to speak which got me used to the fact that I’m always going to be nervous and sometimes I may mess up but I will always learn. I always loved entrepreneurship growing up. I remember all the garage sales I would go to and spend 10 hours just selling and selling which got me a lot better at communicating.

When I was in 7th grade I wanted to start my first online business selling slime. Slime is like a gooey thing that went viral for kids. I remember when I first started selling slime online for 2 months I had no sale, I was so demotivated but I wasn’t going to give up. I spent 2 hours for those 2 months improving my product and one day I found my mistake. If you ever sell a product online there is a place called tags where you put in keywords of your product and I had no idea what those were. I thought tags were where I insert my color options for my product. So I used to put blue, green, yellow, and etc but once I figured what tags were, I spent 2 hours and fixed my tags and 24 hours later I have 200 open orders/units sold. I spent 5 months selling slime, made over 16k in 5 months.

After I closed my slime business as slime started to become less and less popular my mom took me to my first business event. I remember going there and sitting in that room and staying in that room for 8 hours, not getting up once for bathroom or water. As soon as that speaker spook, I was so engaged in it. After the first 3 hours, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.

I wanted to be a motivation speaker and mentor. I wanted to help people and make an impact on people while perusing my passion. I knew I loved talking to people and I could speak on a stage without any fear. Since then I have published my book. I have been invited to speak at many different schools, colleges, corporations. I’ve been able to train and mentor many teens and help make an impact on their life. Through my programs, I’ve been able to change many life’s and the satisfaction I get from changing people’s life by motivating them and helping them build a positive mindset in just incredible.

If you could recommend one book for our audience, what would it be?

I would recommend “Millionaire Success Habits’ by Dean Graziosi. This book really takes you through the mindset and habits you need to implement and it helped me start to implement certain ways of thinking and just changed my outlook on life. This book has really helped me realize how powerful happiness is and how happiness drives truly drives humans. Most people end up thinking that money drives happiness and there people in the world who have all the money in the world but are still so dissatisfies in life. This book really helps you acknowledge what your happiness is.

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Which character traits do you value most?

I value hard work and honesty the most. Hard work is the main one because in life your going to be faced with many problems and challenges but like Mohamed Ali has said “I only count my sit-ups when it stats hurting that when I start counting because that when it really counts’. The world is great when everything is good but when pain comes along that’s where most people crack and that’s where I remember pushing through that pain and I remember the mental strength it took. Honestly is something I value because it truly shapes who you are. Even in the times that it’s hard, you honestly make all the difference and show how you are in the bad and embarrassing times. Those are the 2 traits I value the most.

How do you push through tough times?

I push through the tough times by just knowing one thing. I would rather be doing what I’m doing right now which maybe grinding it out instead of not following my passion and doing something I hate. When you want to follow your passion there will be tough times but the one thing I ask myself is would I rather be like every other 14 years old or adult who watches TV and wakes up the next morning doing something they hate or do something I’m actually passionate about and in my heart know that eventually this pain will subside and something else will take its place. Success will take its place.

When I push through the tough times I just remember all the people who succeeded with all the odds against them. If there are people out there with no arms and no legs succeeding, why can’t I. If there people out there who didn’t have a guiding factor growing up but are still succeeding, why can’t I. When you ask yourself that question you realize how you can push through that pain or tough time your experiencing.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is people. I get inspired when I see people achieving their dreams, I get inspired when I see a person not sleep in 2 days because the were working on their dream, and I get inspired when I see people being able to help others through there passion. Most people think that there some magic video, song, or pill that inspires you but really the best motivation out there is seeing other people doing what you want to do. When I see other people achieving their dreams it makes me think, that I’m no different than them. What’s stopping me? Nothing.

How do you manage and prioritize opportunities?

I take every opportunity I get. Most people spend so much time prioritizing their opportunities that they only get 1 out of 10 because they wasted all their time picking and choosing. My system is simple, no matter what the opportunity, small, big, or medium, I am going to take it not because I’m going to make a lot of money or become famous but because I what I will learn will be so much more valuable.

If you have ever seen an actor, most didn’t start off by choosing their roles but took every opportunity they got. I’m not going to miss this opportunity but I am going to take advantage of everyone because there will always be learning in anything you do. Even if you do something you hate, you’ll still learn something from that experience. Managing opportunities is simple. Choose whichever opportunity you think you’ll learn from more. I don’t care if I go one night sleeping for 2 hours, I don’t care if I spend 100 hours working for that opportunity, and I always focus on the learning because when I focus on what I learned I’m never disappointed.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

I’m 14 years old right now but the one advice I would give myself or any other 18 years old is two things. 1. Find your passion. 2. Once you have found your passion do not stop until you achieve your dream and never give up.

The most important skill that I teach teenagers when they join my course or program is not only teaching them life skills but explaining the importance of know what their passion is. Half the seniors in high school don’t know what they want to do and end up going to a college and pursuing something they hate and then grow up getting a job that they make them feel like their trapped. On a daily basis, half the adult I meet are so dissatisfied with their life and job and if they only had discovered their passion and driven to achieve it, their life could have been changed. How many of you would like your child to figure out their passion and what they want to do in life? By knowing the answer to this one questions your not only going to save depression, stress, and anxiety that millions of people go through but are going to gain so much clarity and confidence in yourself.

After you have figured your passion, you need to work, work, and work until your successful. Most people think that if they’re experiencing pain, that means their passion is wrong. Do you honestly think Beyonce never experienced pain while she was on the road to becoming one of the best singers in the world? Do you think Mohamed Ali never experienced pain when he was training to become a World Champion?

Once you’ve discovered your passion you have to work everyday single to achieve it and if you can’t then you need to work a 9 to 5 job like most people where you’re not satisfied. However, if you want more from life you need to figure out your passion and never stop until you have succeeded.

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