Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration

Don't Give Up. You're Not Done Yet!

"Don’t ever give up. Just because a doctor says you’re going to die, that doesn’t mean God agrees. Anything is possible for those who decide to reach out and grab it!" - M. Curtis McCoy

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About the Book

The short ebook “Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration” tells my personal story as an entrepreneur, a young CEO, and inventor.

By age 25, I was running many successful businesses and felt like I had life figured out.

I was creating success in spite of struggles while fighting Type 1 diabetes and frequent seizures.

Then it all came crashing down when I found out I had terminal brain cancer.

I lost everything. My businesses, my friends, and the ability to ride my new motorcycle.

I ended up sleeping on a deflating air mattress in the front room of my parents’ cabin, 35 miles from the nearest stoplight and wondering what else could possibly go wrong.

Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration describes the journey I took from that low point to running a nationwide cellular company while meeting successful people along the way.

I took some calculated risks and created my own opportunities while fighting to survive cancer and maintain my status as an entrepreneur.

This short story is a precursor to Success, Motivation & Inspiration, a book I began writing in 2016. It includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs, war heroes, investors, CEOs, public speakers, and leaders as they share their personal insights and life lessons.

I hope my story as a survivor inspires not only entrepreneurs but also those struggling with health issues to continue their fight.

Genre: Inspirational
Publisher: Success, Motivation & Inspiration, LLC
Publication Year: 2018
Format: EPUB
Length: short story
Narrator: M. Curtis McCoy
ISBN: 9781732930308

List Price: 2.99
eBook Price: 2.99
Audiobook Price: 3.95
This is an incredible short story of an entrepreneur who beat brain cancer while fighting Type 1 diabetes AND building multiple successful companies! If you're fighting depression, medical issues or other obstacles that make you feel like you just can't win, you need to read, "Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration".
– Lauren
Curtis, this book has helped me a lot find the motivation that I am lacking through the lack of motivation I'm going through. Curtis seems to have gone through a lot of adversity, but he has pursued and now he is very successful. This type of determination is what captures the beauty of this book and how motivating it is. It's not just a must read, but it gives you lines for you to write the questions he asks which makes you reflect. Very good book and would recommend it to my peers.
– Fabio Chavez
This book is very powerful. It fills me up with hope and bigger dreams even if things seem to be at rock bottom. This story shows an excellent example to follow. I’d recommend to all my friends.
– Aly Rios
A must read!
– JustJessie
OmG, the minute I started reading, I didn't want it to end. Soo intense and interesting. Everyone should definitely give this book a read. I would recommend everyone to read this book and remember not to give up in life. Love it.
– Nida
After I read the author's work on nonverbal communication, I had to know more about him. Grabbed this book, and wow. How inspiring and encouraging!
– JM
The story is inspiring, but it quite short. It does give a basic outline for meeting goals and realistic outcomes, but I wish it were longer. While I applaud the author for sharing his story, I would love the book to have more than worksheets near the end. Looking forward to more!
– Fifi Las Vegas
M. Curtis was able to find a way to take hard things in life and find way to make them better.
– JW
I enjoyed reading this book because of the message it carries inside...Never give up! Although it was a short story you can really Get inspired by the Author's message... it's a great book to inspire people!
– Michael A.
The short book was motivating and insightful. I love the worksheet at the end! I'll be looking forward to the next book.
– KC
This is a small book with big ideas. I have no idea how the life can change so fast because of a illness. You never think on that. I feel encouraged to be better worker and more organized with my goals. I had always think on make my own business, I think is the time.
– Victor Gabriel
This product has really inspired me and taken me to do things out of my comfort zone. I have always wanted to be motivated to get up in the morning and start the day off right and this book will do it for you. Very good read!
– Richie Garza
Curtis is full of insightful information and never fails to inspire the best in people! Curtis shows us how perseverance and good old fashioned GRIT can overcome even the toughest odds! Curtis and his family are truly salt of the earth good people who know that hard work and determination pay off in the end!
– Heidi Simpson
Overcoming all odds and listening to his divine center, McCoy's life and ongoing strides can inspire hope for all who read his eloquent story.
– Sandy Szabat
Really enjoyed reading this book. Gives people inspiration to continue to push on in times of difficulty, always being your own advocate, be open for miracles when you have just about given up on everything and the importance of having family and friends in your corner. Good read!!!
– M. C. Barnette
Curtis has faced many struggles in life, but through hard work and dedication he overcame those difficulties. His story has ups and downs but his perseverance shines through as an example to us all. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for success, motivation, or inspiration in their own life. I'm looking forward to the next book from Curtis McCoy!
– Jonathan S. Liedtke
I have been following M. Curtis McCoy on social media for a while now. He is always very inspiring and positive. If you are wanting some inspiration I highly recommend reading this book and continuing to follow his journey.
– Emili Leaton
This is an incredible short story of an entrepreneur who beat brain cancer while fighting Type 1 diabetes AND building multiple successful companies! If you're fighting depression, medical issues or other obstacles that make you feel like you just can't win, you need to read, "Developing Success, Motivation & Inspiration".
– Lauren
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About the Author
M. Curtis McCoy

M. Curtis McCoy is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and business development expert. Curtis enjoys mountain biking throughout the Colorado Grand Valley with a group of local business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. In his personal life, Curtis overcame some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. Since being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes at 2 years old, he has survived regular seizures, multiple comas, a malignant brain tumor (glioblastoma), and recurring memory issues. From a difficult childhood to cutthroat business partners, the odds seemed stacked against him from the start. In spite of these challenges, Curtis built several successful businesses including Best Cellular, a phone company which serves prepaid wireless customers nationwide.

In 2015 M. Curtis McCoy launched the "Success, Motivation & Inspiration" blog and social media groups where he encourages other entrepreneurs to achieve success in their own lives. His first book of the Success, Motivation, & Inspiration series continues this goal, combining personal life lessons with inspiring interviews.

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